Wynter and lies

Clearly Wynter Kabimba our Minister of Justice can not be entrusted with and lacks the capacity and temperament to use state power judiciously.

His public admission of the manipulation, ambushing and strategizing to catch former President Rupiah Banda and his supporters on the hop is indicative of a juvenile fascination with drama devoid of substance, depth and nuance

If the ZNBC interview is anything to go by then we are in real trouble because our Justice Minister is adding to the further erosion of confidence in the Justice system which is being manipulated.

For example the whole Minister has no idea why and what he was cleared of by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

He does not even say how the Anti Corruption Commission cleared him of the charges for which he had been called to their offices when he carried a horde of cadres thereby frustrating the interview.

We know that he had been summoned. It was in connection which the US$500million oil procurement deal offered to Trafigura, a company that has been banned in Malta for allegedly giving kick backs to officials.

By his own admission Wynter claimed that Dalbit another oil company had offered him a bribe which he refused. We also know that Wynter is the owner of an oil marketing company in partnership with Kenyans shareholders.

What Zambians would want to know is how the above connections inter twine, more so that these things have happened following his appointment by the President as Chairman of the Commission into the Energy Regulation Board (ERB).

In other words what is the connection between the appointment, his formation of an oil company, a bribe being offered to him and finally the US$500million award to Trafigura.

Did Wynter use the information he acquired from the Commission to his benefit? If so how and to what extent have the connections been used, considering that Kenobil one of the Kenya companies which tendered for oil procurement failed, sued and later were bought out by Trafigura.

While at it what role did Wynter play in ensuring that all the Lozi senior executives at the ERB were dismissed following revelations that the entire board was Bemba?

Equally misplaced was  the spirited support Wynter gave to Mutembo Nchito the Director of Public Prosecution.

In any other jurisdiction with a functional and efficient criminal justice system Mutembo Nchito would have been serving as a guest of state by now.

Mutembo Nchito was accused and the Lusaka High Court found, as a matter of fact that he was culpable of fraudulent misrepresentation in the manner he obtained K14billion from DBZ on behalf of defunct Zambian Airways.  In other words the so called loan was obtained fraudulently.   This is the same position the Bank of Zambia inspectorate outlined.

Equally Mutembo was accused of obtaining US$4million from Finance Bank in the same fraudulent manner, but the matter has been withdrawn from court by the Banks Chairman Rajan Mathani who has so far received two nolle Prosequi from the DPP’s office.

That is not all. Supreme Court Judge Gregory must be wondering how Mutembo who forged his judgment could be sitting in judgment of others.What Wynter has done is to confirm the dysfunctional nature of our justice system which Zambians want reformed.