Dont blame police for mealie meal shortages-Matambo

The UPND on the Copperbelt has cautioned the ruling Patriotic Front leadership to stop accusing the police that they are causing mealie meal shortages in the country.

Mr Elisha Matambo said that it was a shame for the PF to accuse the police that they were the causers of Mealie meal shortages saying that it was now clear to the people of Zambia that its was governments fault.

He said the provincial minister Mwenya Musenge was offside when he accused police of not doing their work by allowing trucks to transport maize to the foreign countries.

Mr Matambo said the shortages were cause by the poor polices by the current regime and it was not expected from government to blame the crisis on people that had nothing to do with police implementation.

“It is clear that Mwenya Musenge and the PF have run out of ideas and excuses to give on this crisis that has extended to other parts of the country. Why should they now take us 20 years backward where we used to queue for a bag of Mealie meal.

“Can they explain to the Zambians what is going on and their reluctance to resolve the crisis? How can one buy a 25kg bag of maize meal cost more than Kr80? The PF leadership of full of liars and the problem is that they forget what they tell the people of this country.

“They cheated the people here on the Copperbelt during one of its rallies that a bag of Mealie meal will be sold at K15,000 but Zambians were now queuing for a bag that is fetching a K100,00.

“I challenge Mwenya Musenge and his group to tell the people what solution they have for the people of zambia. Instead of the accusing the police officers let them find lasting solutions to this problem.

“Former President Rupiah Banda is still there and they know where to find him but we wonder why they can not ask him how he managed to take care of such issues in the nation,” he said.

Mr Matambo said it was time government stopped accusing the opposition and instead put its house in order.

He said it was clear that the PF had failed the people of Zambia but they should not just be blaming other people on their failures.

The opposition leader said the situation had worsened through out the country and wondered why government opted to play with people’s lives.

“I ask this government to consult from President Banda on how he maintained the prices at K37, 000 and it was everywhere in the shops. This government should bear in mind that the situation is getting worse and must quickly save the people of this country.

“We advise them that it is not good to play with the staple food. Let them play with their oil scandals, the constitution and the ACC but not with a hungry man. This government should work on the poor agriculture policies and find lasting solutions to this.

He said Copperbelt voters were paying for the high price after being cheated by the “Don’t Kubeba” PF leadership

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  1. Good points from mr Matambo. This govt is a let down for sure in a bumber harvest the price is high and shortages

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