Rat invade Kitwe Central Hospital

RATS are reported to have infested some wards at the Kitwe Central Hospital (KCH) and patients are disturbed with the increasing number of the pests at the government-owned hospital.

And KCH Public Relations Officer Grey Chishimba admitted that there were rats at the hospital just like in a home, but that people who had decided to go to the media to complain about rats at KCH were just exaggerating the situation.

Several Kitwe residents, who were on the bed side of their relatives in Mkushi and other wards, complained of the infestation of rats at the hospital and called for measures to eradicate the pests which have been so disturbing to both the patients and those on the bed side.

James Bwalya, who are on the bedsides of their relatives, said the rats were an eye sore to patients as they could be seen moving freely in the ward

“KCH is a government owned institution which should be looked after very well, but we are saddened that the health institution is infested with rats.

“The institution is invested with rats which are very disturbing to both the patients and those who are nursing them on the bedside. So we are calling on the management at the hospital to put up measures to deal with the rat infestation at the hospital,” Mr Chipili said.

Mr Chipili appealed to KCH management to control the pests to prevent patients from contracting other diseases while in hospital.

Another resident Sharon Tembo said it was unfortunate that rats were the order of the day at the institution.

Ms Tembo said there was need for effective rat control at the hospital because the institution was supposed to be a place to help patients recover.

“The hospital is a place where patients should be helped to recover, but it is sad that rats are all over at this KCH. It is really unfortunate and the hospital management should put up an effective rat control at the hospital,” Ms Tembo said.

But, Mr Chishimba said he was surprised that some people had chosen to go and report the issue of rats at KCH to the media, instead of talking to the management at the hospital.

He said most of the statements from the people who were reporting the issue of the rats at the hospital to the media were exaggerated.

“Yes, it is true there are rats at the hospital just like there are rats in homes, but the problem is that the whole issue is being exaggerated. Why go to the media, instead of coming to the hospital management to complain about the problem of rats,” Mr Chishimba said.