Women are not sex objects

The portrayal of women as mere sex objects is a denigration of the vital role they play in societal development.

And now the Non Governmental Organisations Co-ordinating Council (NGOCC) in central province has asked the media to report objectively and truthfully on matters concerning women to help uplift the social and economic status of women in the country. The organisation also says the media plays a vital role for change in the nation.
NGOCC central province co-ordinator Pascal Kambafwile told journalists in Kabwe during a media engagement meeting at the regional offices that most of the times the media projected women as objects of sexual satisfaction and did not do much reporting on successes that women were registering.
“It is unfortunate that most of the time we read about women it was about rape and gender based violence, in as much as we do appreciate this coverage we would also request that you write up development stories concerning women,” said Kambafwile.
Kambafwile also said his organisation was concerned with the way some publications were producing nude pictures and said this was a danger to society as newspapers at times ended up in the hands of children.

“Some newspapers were fond of printing nude pictures, these papers at times end up with children and to us, that looks like depicting women as objects of sexual satisfaction, but we would like you to help us by changing that projection to a different one where women would be viewed as equal partners in development,” said Kambafwile in apparent reference to the Friday edition of the weekend post whose pictures have been criticised by a number of women and civil society groups.
Kambafwile also disclosed that his organisation, which represents the interests of 102 NGOs countrywide, will continue with engagement of the media and other stakeholders to try and improve the image projection for women.

He also disclosed that the NGOCC has engaged the Post newspapers on some pictures and is hopeful that their request will be handled in a mutual manner.

“At national level as NGOCC, we have engaged the Post on some of the pictures and we avoided a confrontational stance but I am hopeful that a mutual stance would be arrived at,” he said.