Explain state of the nation

The absence of President Michael Sata on the political scene is a serious source of discomfort in the nation as he has left it to the unelected bunch of mercenaries to run the show, says political analyst Nason Msoni
Mr Msoni demanded that someone should explain what exactly was going on with Mr Sata who has subsequently created the current sad state of affairs.
He said government owed the citizens of Zambia an explanation on what it was up to because there seemed to be a hiccup in the way things were being done.
He said the absence of the President on the political scene should always be explained to avoid speculation by members of the public who have not seen their leader in public for a long time.
“No one is under any illusion that things are the way they should be in the normal sense of governance. We have been through this before and President Sata then as a leading opposition leader was outspoken demanding for an explanation on the absence and whereabouts of late President Levy Mwanawasa.
“Similarly we demand to know the whereabouts of President Sata. So much has already been said by unofficial statements in various news media pertaining to his predicament and it is now up to government to come clean and clear these perceptions for the benefit of the nation,” Msoni said.
He said there was nothing wrong with the people demanding to know what was happening to the President because they wished him well.
The former presidential aspirant in the MMD further said that it was worrying that the citizens of this country did not know what was inhibiting Mr Sata from being seen in public.
Mr Msoni said the people were now left to wonder whether the President was just a portrait President hanging on the walls while unelected mercenaries run the show.