Murder suspect Lungu, a PF cadre

The Patriotic Front (PF) has been accused of shamelessly denying their Livingstone murder suspect murderer, Henry Lungu is a PF cadre.
UPND deputy national secretary Simusamba Katunga said there was evidence including video footage of the PF leadership feting Lungu at their meetings where he denounced the opposition party after defecting.
He said it was strange that a man who shared a platform with President Michael Sata and Western Province minister Obvious Mwaliteta could now be denied publicly in the broadcasts by public media.
He added that Lungu was a PF member and it was proper for his party to come to his aid at this time when he was facing the charge of murdering a fellow PF cadre in a matter that had been earlier ascribed to the UPND.

One thought on “Murder suspect Lungu, a PF cadre

  1. Its high time People should learn & accept that PF is a party full of dishonest Individuals.Anyway the chap is regretting having dumped The UPND for a visionless PF full chaps who have no sense of direction

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