RB’s arrest

The Government has a duty and responsibility to the people to explain to the people of Zambia the justification for the US$500million oil supply contract deal awarded to Trafigura a company that was nowhere near among the companies that offered the most competitive offers.
It will be sheer victimization and a clear abuse of process to arrest and charge the former President for a single digit” corrupt” deal when there is a much bigger  figure which the Government is fully aware of.
The interrogation and subsequent arrest of RB were common knowledge long before they occurred. Nothing is secret in Zambia.
The drama that accompanied it were simply additional deviations intended to mask the fact that there was always the intention to get even with RB because he dared challenge the abuse of public funds through fraudulent misrepresentations and other form of  crookedness.
No doubt the, arrest and subsequent arraignment of RB present themselves as victories for those who planned and masterminded the “ambushes” and warlike strategies to have the motion passed in Parliament at  break neck speed.
Somehow the truth has a way of manifesting itself, some times at very inconvenient times. We do not expect anything less.
The refrain from all concerned citizens is the same, they  want information about  the US$500million oil procurement deal involving Trafigura, a company that has been blacklisted in Malta for corruption, namely for paying kickbacks to officials who facilitate contracts.
As we have said before nobody from the Anti Corruption Commission has offered an explanation how, why or which Kabimba was cleared of complicity to corruption without being interviewed.
Assuming for arguments sake the deal carried a10% commission. From the US$500million oil deal a cool K264billion Kwacha, would have been made. This would be far in excess of the K21billion that Mr. Rupiah Banda and his children are supposed to have disbursed. Even if we were to be generous and suggest a 1% kickback it would still be K26billion- K5billion more than what the Banda’s are supposed to have spent.
This is the point that Hon Rejoice Muntanga was making in Parliament lrecently.  That nobody least of all the PF executive could claim to have clean hands.
Indeed time will tell if the campaign funds currently being used by the PF are clean and if indeed all the contributions that went into the PF to win the 2011 elections emanated from kosher sources.
These are the questions that Zambia would like answered in an open and transparent manner.
That is why we have been asking about the Trafigura oil supply contract. How did this company get the contract when it did not offer the most competitive prices and conditions of delivery.