UPND defends Fr. Chilinda

People in PF attacking Father Charles Chilinda of St Ignatius Church are corrupt and are scared of the truth, says Former UPND Siavonga Member of Parliament Douglas Syakalima
Mr Syakalima said Fr Chilinda was being attacked by corrupt people in the Patriotic Front (PF) because he has said the truth about the corruption in government.
And Mr. Syakalima has charged that the PF government was full of hypocrisy, arrogance and double standards in the manner they were conducting issues of governance. In an interview over the continued attacks on Fr. Chilinda, Mr. Syakalima said that it was not strange to see the PF today attacking a Catholic priest for telling the truth about the way PF government worshipped corruption.
He said that, what was strange and abhorent was failure by the PF leadership to heed to the word of God which detests corruption, and  that President Michael Sata had promised the nation to rule the by the 10 commandments.
Mr. Syakalima said that what was shocking was the failure by the PF government to believe the sermon the Priest made in church over the high levels of corruption in the PF government.
“This government and its leaders are not genuine people to trust. I am disappointed with the PF government’s failure to listen to the word of God over its conduct and corruption. The PF should be ashamed to fight Fr. Chilinda in the manner they want to because it is clear that the PF government is a regime which thrives on corruption.
“The PF government is the only government which has corrupt ministers involving themselves in oil deals, National Registration Cards national system machine tender, Farmer Input Supply Programme (FISP) inputs and other scandals. So it is immoral for some ministers like Panji Kaunda to want to embarrass the priest,” said Mr. Syakalima.
Mr. Syakalima said that Col. Panji Kaunda was a wrong person to challenge the priest because he had failed to tell the nation why President Sata removed him from the Ministry of Defence as Deputy Minister.He said that it was not strange that Panji was today justifying the corruption in the PF by suggesting to the Fr Chilinda that he should or must report Members of Parliament who were corrupt to the police when he was aware that such institutions under the leadership of President Sata had no powers to investigate corrupt ministers.
The former parliamentarian observed that the deception by the PF government on various issues of governance was deadly and a sign of failure.
And Mr. Syakalima has expressed shock at people and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) condemning MMD Petauke Central Member of Parliament Dora Siliya over the raising of her middle finger in parliament.Mr. Syakalima said that the seed of hate and discontent the PF government and its followers were sowing against individuals in the country was aimed at diverting the attention of the people from the promises they made during the campaigns.
He said that it was shameful that those that were condemning Ms. Siliya had failed to help the PF government realize its failures and help them to govern in accordance with the rule of law.
“It is sad that these people condemning Ms. Siliya failed to condemn President Sata when he advised MMD expelled Member of Parliament Catherine Namugala and her colleague not to abbreviate Fackson Shamenda by removing “son” in parliament.
“Let the PF government show the people of Zambia their work plan rather than crying foul from the measure President Sata has set. Let this government deliver rather than preoccupy the people of Zambia with none issues, issues which have no relevance to the well being of the people.
Let the PF government address the issue of unemployment, under development, poverty and the self created animal called shortage of mealie meal,” he said. “Panji Kaunda, his father Dr. Kenneth Kaunda used to call Zambians stupid idiots, has Kaunda apologized? President Sata’s abbreviation  in parliament  of Hon. Shamenda’s name has received little condemnation? So why is this whole issue with Dora which does not even say or state the insults she made in parliament so hot?” he asked.

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  1. Not worth commenting on. Its thrush. Even priests ought to be responsible in their utterances.

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