April 20 for Kuomboka

The long awaited Kuomboka ceremony of the Lozi people will take place on April 20, according to the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE).
The date was announced on Wednesday by BRE through Induna Inete who was at the Royal Kuta in Limulunga
Induna Inete said preparations for the Kuomboka were progressing well and the event was on course.
He appealed to all well wishers to come on board and support the event that was one of the main cultural events on the Zambian calendar.
However, some sections in the society have doubted the hosting of the event because of late fundraising.
A senior citizen Mulonda Mutemwa said any traditional ceremony could only be achieved through the support from all who meant well for the event.
‘Kuomboka’ is a Lozi word that literally means to get out of water, when the upper Zambezi River floods the plains of the Western Province. The ceremony celebrates the movement of the Litunga, king of the Lozi people, from his Lealui residence in the Barotse Floodplain of the Zambezi River to Limulunga on higher  grounds.

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