Miyanda defends presidential immunity

Presidential immunity is for life and unless the law is changed it must be sparingly lifted and certainly  cannot be used for settling political scores, says Heritage Party president Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda.
Therefore claims by Deputy Transport Minister Col Panji Kaunda that his father, Dr Kenneth Kaunda was arrested before his immunity was  removed  was not sound because he did not raise the issue of his arrest at the right time.
“In the National Assembly and later during a radio interview in Chipata, Panji Kaunda gave Dr Kaunda’s arrest as an example of a former President whose immunity was not removed before he was arrested,
“It is a poor example and is misleading, because Dr Kaunda did not challenge the State regarding his immunity when they purported to arrest him; he slept on his rights.”
Gen Miyanda said the lesson for all Zambians was that when their rights were threatened or trampled on they must stand and fight, because rights were meant to be protected and fought for.
“If you do not fight for your rights you will forfeit them and then you must forever remain quiet. In fact all Zambians must learn to stand up and fight for their rights as well as join in the fight against any abuses against other citizens, especially by those in authority,” he said.He charged that many political debates in Zambia were won based on deception and half-truths. And Gen Miyanda said Father Chilinda’s complaint against Panji Kaunda’s letter was justified because those attempting to crucify him were doing what those who crucified Jesus Christ did.
He claimed Father Chilinda was the latest victim and unfairly so, because instead of attacking the priest they should show that he had departed from scripture in his message.

4 thoughts on “Miyanda defends presidential immunity

  1. With all due respect General Miyanda, Presidential immunity is not a right but a privilege. Also when Dr. Kaunda was arrested Zambia was under a state of emergency after that coup attempt. Dr Kaunda knew that and that’s why he did nt challenge it. Remember he was President for 27 years. I have a lot of respect for you General but on this issue you are wrong.

  2. Panji the ‘useful idiot’ who has failed to fit in the political bombasa left by his father!

  3. I love the Gen. My prayer is that he will now arise and not slumber until 2016. The man is very straight, not a deceiver, humble, holy, health, sober, etc. The only problem he has is that he wants the people to follow him without him making an effort to persuade them.

  4. immunity covers the priod when one is a president.only for things done during that period. kk was arrested for activities allegegly comminited while out of office

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