Chikopa must go-MMD

Government must explain clearly the continuous stay of Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa in Zambia when his services are not yet needed, says Political activist Dante Saunders.
And Mr Saunders has accused government for undermining the independence of the country’s judicial system by trying to ‘fix’ sections of society with divergent views.
Mr Saunders said it would be understood if Mr Chikopa was in Zambia on a PF assignment and not on government services.
“One cannot really understand someone staying in another country, loafing and just enjoying the luxury, you don’t even care what people are saying, I am sure his coming is about more than what we know, and the people in government can explain this better,” he said.
Mr Saunders said there was no way a government could allow the continued expensive stay of Judge Chikopa before the courts of law decided whether the tribunal could go ahead or not.
He said government’s silence on Chikopa’s stay in Zambia continued to be a source of great concern and government was to blame because a lot of resources had been spent on his luxury but purposeless stay.
“This is against Government’s policy of prudent utilization of public resources, and they must account for that, and it is actually extravagant for Government to spend public money in such a manner. We wouldn’t be worried if his stay here was personal, but what we know is that he is spending tax payers’ resources for nothing, I mean we need an explanation,” he said.
He said it was time Judge Chikopa left Zambia.