Kabimba is being childish

Opposition UPND has described Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba’s threats to freeze former president Rupiah Banda’s pension as childish and unreasonable.
In an interview UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo said that it was childish and unreasonable for Kabimba to suggest that Mr. Banda was involved in active politics.  Mr. Lifwekelo said that the PF government had exposed themselves to the whole world how much they hated the former president and their intention to cripple him down, was now laid bare.
He said that Zambians were not ready to continue facing embarrassment in the eyes of the international community as a result of the ego of the PF government. “We take Kabimba’s threats as childish and unreasonable for a person of his status and especially that he is the one holding the office that administers the justice system of this country. It is sad that Kabimba has continued showing irresponsibility in the manner he was abusing his powers and office,” he said.
Mr. Lifwekelo defended Mr. Banda’s political life saying that he was not in active politics compared to the first republican President Kenneth Kaunda who had offered himself to receive defectors on behalf of the PF. “It is now clear that Kabimba has that general hate for RB, and we don’t know why he has continued to exhibit such kind of attitude and tactics. He must be ashamed to wage such unbeneficial wars against innocent citizens. Let him tell the nation why Mr. Banda should have his pension revoked or put on hold,” he said. He said that the PF government was a bad regime which did not respect human rights as it had continued protecting well known criminals and fraudsters for failing to settle huge debts they owe the people of Zambia.  “This government is up to no good for this country. We know what its agenda is but they are finding it difficult because the opposition has united towards a common goal. They know no justice. After they are finished with the former head of state they want to start with critics for their failure to fulfill their promises,” he said.