The Patriotic Front must distance itself from the corruption and lawlessness that is becoming more and more pronounced.
Particularly reprehensible are the senseless, mindless and totally inane attacks on friendly countries. The attacks on South Africa are needless, senseless and a desperate expression of pent up anger and frustration of schemes gone wrong.
The unconscionable conduct of the cartel and more recently the conduct of Sylvia Masebo are issues which the party would do well to make a clear statement to allay any misapprehensions that Government is party to the bizarre and vengeful campaigns that the cartel is notorious for.
The PF can do well without these crooked cliques
We would also want to advise the Vice Presidents wife, Charlotte Scott to keep her distance from contentious issues, including involvement in ZAWA controversies in which Sylvia is currently embroiled.
ZAWA matters are under intense investigation and we would hate to find her on the wrong side of the law now or in the near future.
There is growing anger among the people that at a time when many critical issues are being debated including the ridiculous self inflicted mealie meal phenomenon, Government seems more determined to pursue the “vendetta” agenda created by the cartel while turning a blind eye to the violence and thuggery that has thus far led to the death of three individuals in bye-elections.
All the three that have died thus far are Patriotic Front cadres imported into by-election areas. The first was a well known  Lusaka cadre who died in Rufunsa; the second was a cadre from Mongu who died in Livingstone and the third was another another cadre from Choma who died in Livingstone.
She may not mind but we do. Any death is one death too many. Those who have died have relatives and indeed dependants they have left behind. They need not have died, if it was not for the climate created.
This certainly is not the track record that the Patriotic Front would want to perpetuate or let alone be associated with.
And yet the conduct of Sylvia in Kapiri Mposhi is exactly what creates circumstances of violence. Instead of abiding by counsel from the Police she went ahead to bulldoze her way into abrogating Section 88(1)(a) and (j) of the Electoral Act number 12 of the Laws of Zambia.
This is an offence that is punishable and as FODEP has suggested we expect that the  ECZ will prosecute this matter to its logical conclusion so that it acts as a deterrence to cadres who may have assumed that the Minister was more powerful than the law. This is the impression that cadres have shown in other bye-elections where there has been violence.
The situation was particularly evident in Livingstone where cadres chased away opposition representatives from tallying centers; a fact admitted by ECZ.
We must not allow a few individuals with misplaced loyalties to divert the course our country has taken to create a one and united nation pursuing economic and social justice for all by utilizing our common heritage as a resource base from which we draw support.
Those who have embarked on corruption, hatred and vindictiveness must be told in no uncertain terms that the rule of law make an equal demand on each and every citizen, one Zambia, one nation is the lodestar for  our economic, political and social  activities.
They must know that theft, no matter how sophisticated is still theft and the Zambian people will demand restoration.
Equally theft of such inalienable rights as choice at the polls will not be tolerated.
As a country we take pride of our very smooth transition from a one party state to a liberal multi party democracy. This is a transition that has been achieved without blood shed, let alone acrimonious political rancour. This is how it should be.
That is why it is un-acceptable that we should begin to lose lives in this time and age when our democracy is maturing. The spoilers, with huge egos, who feel the nation owes them a debt of gratitude must be quickly disabused of their misconception.