Masebo tribunal gathers momentum

Former Transport Minister William Harrington has urged civil society organisations to support and join the tribunal proceedings to investigate allegations of abuse of office levelled against Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo MP.
In his invitation letter to civil society organisations, Mr Harrington said it would be helpful if civil  society organisations joined and supported such matters because they are of national interest.
“The purpose of writing to you this letter is to invite other Civil Society Organisations (CSO) to consider joining the proposed tribunal proceedings as was the case in the Dennis Chirwa-led tribunal appointed to investigate Ms Dora Siliya MP in the matter of Zamtel sale and International Airport radar contract,” part of the letter read.
Mr Harrington is still pursuing the appointment of a tribunal to investigate Ms Masebo, despite the process taking longer than expected to be approved by the offices of the Chief Justice.
He had again written to the office of the chief Justice in regard with his application for appointment of a tribunal to investigate Ms Masebo on the allegations of corruption and abuse of power.
He resubmitted his application to the office of the chief justice and was still waiting for the response, after he met all the requirements and presented a list of fourteen persons who could be subpoenaed by the tribunal for purposes of verifying print and electronic media publications.
Mr Harrington said he was willing and ready to meet civil society organisations to discuss the matter in detail.
However, a civil society organisation has welcomed Mr. Harrington’s decision to work with the organisations in finding the lasting solution on Ms Masebo’s issue.
Gallant Youth in Zambia (GYZ) executive director Henry Mulenga said the proposed tribunal to probe the allegations of misconduct by Ms Masebo was a must because it was in public interest.
Mr Mulenga said he was in full support of the tribunal so that Ms Masebo gave side of her story.
He said it that former transport Minister Mr Harrington proposed the appointment of the tribunal not for himself, but for the greater good of the country.
“These are some of the issues the common Zambian must take interest in so that people holding public offices do not abuse power. It is regrettable that Ms Masebo has continued to break the law with impunity,” he said.
“There is no way Ms Masebo could have been behaving in such a manner, and at the end of the day is protected. Ministers must take a leading role in whatever they are doing so that people have respect for them. How do you expect someone to be respected when they behave in an embarrassing manner,” said Mr Mulenga. “However, Ms Masebo must resign from her position on moral grounds, because she is not capable of holding that office.”

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