New party launched

A strong clear and comprehensive and well defined separation of powers is a cornerstone for good governance and respect for the rule of law, says newly formed Republican Progressive Party (RPP) president James Lukuku.
Speaking during the lunch of the RPP party in Lusaka yesterday Mr. Lukuku said that the newly lunched party was founded on good governance with excellence, comprehensive defined separation of power and constitutionalism.
He said that good governance was totally absent in the absence of a strong founded constitution that must be respected and followed by consecutive governments.
Mr. Lukuku said that good governance was a comprehensive governance doctrine which supports the separation of powers without compromise on the system of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary.
He said that his party was of the proposal that the British Westminister parliamentary system which most of the commonwealth countries had adopted had proved to a failure and a challenge to the separation of powers as it gives too much power to the office of the president.
Mr. Lukuku said that there was need for the people who supported separation of power to adopt the federal system of governance which allows principals of democratic governance.
“To correct and control the institutions in the quest to ensure that the vast powers of the president are delegated to established state institutions, the RPP party proposes that the nation must adopt the American federal system which safeguards human rights and the respect of the rule of law,” he said.
He said that once his party is elected to run the affairs of the nation it would ensure that it vigorously pursue an ambitious programme to implement the American constitution which supports for federal kind of governance for the people of Zambia.