PF sued over land

The Patriotic Front (PF) has been sued over a building belonging to former Matero Member of Parliament Faustina Sinyangwe which the party has turned into a constituency office.
Ms Sinyangwe has turned the Courts of Law after police failed to evict the PF cadres who invaded the plot.
The former MP disclosed that court summons had already been served on the alleged ring leaders of the gang that had taken over her car wash situated near Matero Police Station.
Ms Sinyangwe explained that taking the matter to court was a last resort as the matter appeared to be beyond police jurisdiction as was evidenced by the failure by the law enforcers to act despite the physical proximity and the documentation available about the property
“I have taken the case to court and summons has already been served on the PF ring leaders. My lawyers are trying to acquire an injunction against any further transformation of the property because the police have failed to do anything,” she said.
She said it was unfortunate that law enforcement officers could not do their work professionally as they feared losing their jobs over the issue.
“Some police officers even told me that they were scared to push on this matter, I mean I understand they fear losing their jobs.  This is the only way I can deal with this,” she said.
Ms Sinyangwe was a PF defector while in opposition and won the seat on the former ruling MMD parliamentary ticket.
Scores of Matero PF cadres last month forced themselves onto the carwash owned by Ms Sinyangwe and repainted the property with party colours as the constituency office alleging that the land was obtained using the Constituency Development Funds (CDF).
However, some PF sources disclosed that senior party officials had instructed the takeover in the party’s continued efforts to frustrate the opposition MMD officials.