Selective fight against corruption condemned

The Christians against Poverty in Zambia (CAPIZ) says it is saddened with the selective fight against corruption currently exhibiting in Zambia.
CAPIZ Evangelist Gregory Chileshe told the Daily Nation that the fight against the vice was questionable because it was targeting only certain individuals.
He alleged that leaders were using double tongues on issues of corruption to gain sympathy from the citizens, and that they were taking them for a right.
The clergyman said it was not fair that politicians were using all sort of lies on poor Zambians in a bid to find their ascendancy to power.
“These politicians should not take people for right so that they find their way into power, we want to see them not just talking about corruption but instead acting on it. It is sad that they have resorted using corruption to poor people who cannot even be able to defend themselves, when they are in power they forget about them,” he said.
Evangelist Chileshe stated that as an organisation advocating against poverty in Zambia, it was opposed to the current fight against corruption that was just targeting people who were defenceless and said that such had led the people of Zambia to lose hope on such leaders.
He alleged that corruption could not be fought through corrupt practices, adding that it was the duty people of Zambia to judge on their own.
The clergyman urged the citizens not to succumb to cheap political physical exercises that were aiming at oppressing innocent individuals in a bid to set their goals, adding that their posterity would in future judge them harshly.
“We will decampaign any leaders who miss on the fight against corruption and political violence, and we are closely watching what is going on in the political arena. We are expecting them to talk about national development because corruption has continued to drain our country’s coffer at the expense of development,” he said.