Too many deportations worry FDD

The PF government has been cautioned to exercise restraint and ‘conscience’ in the manner deportations were being handled.
Commenting on the recent wave of deportations of foreign investors by government, Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said that the situation was worrying because would be investors were skeptical about bringing their money into Zambia.
Mr. Mwanza said that although government had a responsibility to ensure security and peace prevailed in the country, it was also its obligation that it did not deport wrong people as in the past cases where the Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu had ended up apologizing for wrong deportation.
He said that the action was an embarrassment not only to the leadership and government but also to the people of Zambians in the diaspora.
“I find the current wave of deportation under the PF government highly questionable as government has not specifically given reasons for the deportation. The recent case being that of the Armcor Security Company Limited Managing Director Jan Paxton who was deported a few days ago for no clear apparent reason. According to media reports no proper or satisfactory explanation was given to the individual before deportation and those are the issues we want our colleagues in government to be careful of and avoid to be seen as harassing innocent individuals,” he said.
Mr. Mwanza said that the government should clearly inform the nation why it had taken such decisive actions, adding that the moves to indiscrimately deport foreigners was putting life of Zambians working abroad in danger.
He said that another deportation which was of great concern was the deportation of a Libyan national Fayed El Taweer, the general manager for the Millennium Village complex on March 11, 2013 in unexplained circumstances.
Mr. Mwanza said that it was a responsibility of any government to ensure that or people were given a fair hearing before such drastic actions were mate in order to avoid creating unsound situation.
The FDD spokesperson has since advised the PF government to investigate issues before any action was taken in good faith in order to avoid embarrassment as the case was with the Catholic Priest who was deported to Rwanda.
He said the move ended up embarrassing government, “ not only the priest issue but also the one involving Lap GreenN directors. They announced a wrong person that he was deported when in fact not and ended up apologizing. This is a situation this government should try by all means to avoid.”