Words and deeds

It was quite refreshing to hear President Michael Sata preach about love, forgiveness, reconciliation and service to humanity.
These are words that have made Nelson Mandela a global icon. He found it within his heart to show love and compassion even to those people who tortured and jailed him.
Many of his persecutors and torturers were on their knees during this last Easter praying and wishing him peace with his creator. They are cognizant that without him South Africa would have been in flames.
That is why we found it particular poignant and ironic that President Sata called for the reduction in hate “Because if Jesus Christ had a heart like us, he would not have died for us. If you are gossiper or a hater, there is no road for you to heaven, forget” he said
These were profound words carrying an equally profound message to a nation that is deeply divided and  in the throes of one of the most difficult, acrimonious and divisive prosecutions ever, coming within the Easter period- that of RB.
It is difficult to reconcile President Sata’s  message of love, forgiveness and reconciliation with what is happening to his contemporary, RB.
Going by what Wynter said in an interview, the Government went to great lengths to plan, strategize and execute on RB’s removal of immunity to the finest details, namely bringing it on the last day of the sitting in order to catch the opposition by surprise and off guard- which they did.
Those were not the actions of men and women with the depth of compassion the President spoke about in church. Those were the acts of cunning, devious and out rightly unchristian individuals who do not share the Gospel values he espoused.
The contradictions are so clear and palpable.
We can only assume that President Sata washed his hand off RB and handed him over to the screaming mob intent on crucifying him.
It is clear that those intent on persecuting RB had grudges, vengeance and hatred as a motive for wishing the removal of his immunity.
Like Pilate of the Bible the President washed his hands, off the case and gave up RB to his persecutors, the thieves, plunderers, forgers and sanctimonious lawmen with no semblance of integrity to their names.
The President will certainly know why a former Director of the defunct Zambian Airways would want to punish his predecessor.
Like Pilate, the moral conscience will continue to haunt him because the accusations leveled at RB in the National Assembly can not be very far from what every political leader especially a President will be accused of. Every President must be the chief campaigner and must ultimately ensure that the party has resources to fund a campaign.
Zambians are divided and angry, not because they support corruption, theft or graft of any kind, but rather by the contradiction and double standards which are exemplified in his persecution, a process contrary to Gospel values President Sata spoke of.
That is why we can be forgiven in concluding that the guile, subterfuge and mendacity that went into RB’s persecution could not have come from the same President who preaches love, forgiveness and compassion. On the contrary they bear the signature, watermark, insignia and character of the notorious cartel, which, given the opportunity would have no remorse or compunction subjecting Mr. Sata to the same heartless humiliation.
These are people who have never read or taken to hear the story of the crooked and cruel servant in Matt 18:23-35  for whom  judgment without mercy was shown.They are set on a destructive path that is divergent from national will and aspiration- an empty path of vengeance, hatred and hate speech.
Whatever happens to RB collective guilt will live on and perhaps come back to haunt those who willfully chose to persecute an innocent person.