Chikopa security tightened

The exposure of Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa’s stay at Mulungushi Village, Villa 56, has turned security heat on workers and members of public visiting the complex, it has been learnt.
Workers at the complex complained that innocent people were being victimised by security officers after the judge’s residence at the Village was exposed by the Daily Nation.
The workers that sought anonymity told the newspaper that even security personnel at Villa 56 had been increased as the foreign judge was waiting for the tribunal against the three Zambian judges.
The workers complained that even the garden boys have been directed to be spying on whoever gets closer to the residence as they suspect that other people may want to expose the happenings at the residence.
They said that it was surprising that government had insisted on taking care of the foreign judge at the expense of tax payers.
They revealed that on average an ordinary villa costs more than Kr 12 million a month but that of Judge Chikopa fetched much more, excluding expenses for the garden boy, drivers and security officers.
They said the Toyota Hilux that was strictly allocated to escort the Judge was most of time parked at the Villa and the police officers manning the place had now been instructed to be wary of any body passing near the place.
“Since the Daily Nation located Judge Chikopa’s residence at Villa 56 security officers are more strict and even workers are being harassed if they do not produce proper identification cards.
“It is not only at the entrance but even people around the residence are being watched because these garden boys have now been recruited as special security agents.
They said however that lately the foreign judge no longer moved around like before and the people that were frequenting his place no longer did so t in an open manner,” the workers said.