Prosecute Masebo – Opposition demand

 The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) would have prosecuted an opposition member if they abrogated the Electoral Code of Conduct in the manner Sylvia Masebo did.

And UPND Copperbelt Province coordinator Phineus Chilanda has demanded that Ms Masebo be prosecuted in accordance with the Law for abrogating the Electoral Act.

“We are closely watching what is going on, if it was UPND they could have said this is ‘Mapatizya Formula’ and called us all sorts of names. We expected ECZ to go further and show their rights on the basis that Ms Masebo knows what she was doing,” he said.

Mr Chilanda accused Ms Masebo of taking the advantage of power by breaking the law, and claimed that “It is unfortunate that Ms Masebo is taking the advantage of power, and if it was a member of the opposition political party, he could have been arrested”.

He said the behaviour portrayed by Ms Masebo as a leader should not be accepted by those who meant well for the development of the country.

Mr Chilanda told the Daily Nation that Ms Masebo should be prosecuted for breaking the electoral code of conduct with impunity, and that there should be no double standards in the application of the law.

Mr Chilanda claimed that a simple apology from Ms Masebo was not acceptable and accused the ECZ of being unfair, despite condemning her of his behaviour. He further expressed disappointment to NGOs for failing to discipline Ms Masebo who was supposed to be a role model.  Mr Chilinda’s comment follows Ms Masebo’s apology to ECZ for breaching the electoral code of conduct.

Ms Masebo was alleged to have violated the electoral code of conduct when she together with a group of PF cadres invaded the nomination centre during the filling of nominations for the Kapiri Mposhi by elections.

And on Wednesday, ECZ met Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo to discuss the incident that happened during the filing of nominations for the Kapiri Mposhi by elections on March 28. ECZ Public Relations Manager Chris Akufuna said Ms. Masebo informed the Commission that she had no intentions of disregarding the law or the authority of the Commission and regretted what happened.

Mr. Akufuna has since advised all registered political parties and their members to familiarise themselves with the electoral laws concerning nominations in particular and elections in general in order to ensure adherence to the law by all stakeholders during elections.

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