Chinsali PF cadres plan demo against DC

Some Patriotic Front (PF) cadres in Chinsali have given police a seven day ultimatum in which they should be allowed to protest against District Commissioner Evelyn Kangwa and Chief Chewe.

The cadres have claimed that both Chief Chewe and Kangwa were part of the contributing factors to problems that Chief Nkula was currently facing.

They said the demonstration was meant to ask President Michael Sata to take action against the Chief and DC.

The cadres who sought anonymity told the Daily Nation that they had informed police officers about their intentions to protest the actions of  the two  in the district.

“We want to demonstrate so that President Sata can remove these people from their current positions. Chief Chewe and Evelyn Kangwa have been creating a lot of problems in the district.

“These two have also caused problems for Chief Nkula and this prompted the chief to attempt suicide last week. So we are making a humble appeal to our President so that these people are removed from this district,” they said.

The cadres alleged that after the visit by the district commissioner to one of the churches, some people forced Chief Nkula out of the village and sent him to Chikwanda where is currently residing.

They said it was unfortunate that some senior party officials in the province were behind what was happening in Chinsali because it would directly benefit them at some point.

They admitted that there was leadership crisis in MuchingaProvince as some leaders were being used to do things that served the interests of the masters only and not the party.

The cadres said it was unfortunate that police officers could not allow them to demonstrate yesterday and have since given the police an ultimatum in which to respond to their demand.

And efforts to get a comment from Ms Kangwa failed as her phone went unanswered.