Fraudulent misrepresentation

Anybody else would have tendered a resignation, but not Mutembo Nchito.

Mutembo and his colleagues will want to push President Michael Sata to the very limit in spite of the overwhelming evidence of wrong doing.

And knowing Mutembo Nchito he will want to fight and hope to fool everybody about his integrity.

In our view Mutembo should not set one foot in any court of law as DPP until and unless the issues raised by the Chairman of the Select Committee that recommended his appointment are resolved. This is a matter of principle, practice and honour.

As of now Mutembo has no integrity whatsoever. Neither do his cohorts.

The Kenyan Bench has declared integrity as the absence of unresolved financial and contentious issues that would sully the character of a nominee to a position

This description is the barest benchmark.

In the case of Mutembo Nchito Judge Nigel Mutuna found as a fact that he, Nchito, on behalf of defunct Zambian Airways obtained K14billion finance by fraudulent misrepresentation from the Development Bank of Zambia.

Contrary to arguments by Wynter and his colleagues the finance was obtained in an irregular manner as confirmed by the Bank of Zambia. This was not an ordinary loan but a scheme intended to deprive the DBZ and through them the people of Zambia of the K14billion which has now risen to K18billion.

Mutembo may have been the face of Zambian Airways but the colleagues with whom he schemed are equally culpable.

The same was the case with the US$4million from Finance Bank. The letter of demand from the Bank, which has since been withdrawn under questionable circumstances, makes the same charge, namely that the money was obtained by fraudulent misrepresentation.

Added to this were the very strong sentiments by Supreme Court Judge Gregory Phiri who found Mutembo Nchito guilty of forging his judgment.

In all these cases Mutembo has tried to portray his victims as the villains.  The victims are many, some living and some who have gone to meet their creator.

Now the lies and subterfuge have caught up with him.

He lied to the National Assembly. The Chairman of the select committee that recommended his ratification as Director of Public Prosecution has laid bare the lies which we knew had been peddled to secure the undeserved appointment. We said as much when the matter was brought to Parliament.

You can not have a DPP who forges a judgment, is adjudged to have obtained money by fraudulent misrepresentation and whose conduct generally is suspect.

We have said   time and again that this could only happen in Zambia.

We have equally said that there is a limit to which the Zambian people could be fooled. The limit has been reached.

The RB persecution must be the final straw to most people.

When Wynter Kabimba presented a motion to remove RBs immunity in Parliament, there was no mention of the Baobab land on which he was questioned yesterday. This is typical of Mutembo Nchito. The entire National Assembly was made to remove immunity on a set of facts and alleged offences which did not include the Baobab land. This is fraudulent misrepresentation, namely doing one thing to achieve another in a devious manner. This is characteristic.

We hope the Patriotic Front has learnt something  from this experience although they must now brace themselves for worse things to come as the carefully choreographed political events begin to unravel.

When you set out in life to hurt and injure people, you can be rest assured that you will meet a wretched end.