Kuomboka raises tension among Lozis

Tension has mounted among the Lozis of Western Province following the announcement of the Kuomboka ceremony of the Lozi people slated for April 20.

Reports from Mongu say that people were not ready for the ceremony, and could not celebrate when there are many issues that remained unresolved, such the breaking away from Zambia

And a group of people in the area were holding private meetings on a number of issues affecting the area.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Linyungandambo secretary Ilukena Mukubesa expressed worry that people wanted to take advantage of the situation in WesternProvince for their own personal benefit.

Mr Mukubesa charged that the people of Barotseland were not ready for the ceremony because of the anxiety and fear that had arisen.

He explained that the issue of Barotseland had left much to be desired, and as a result people were not happy.

“We would not like to see people lose lives here, people are not happy with what is going on, and we are aware that people want to bring confusion during the ceremony. We really don’t want confusion in the area,” he said.

Mr Mukubesa said the victimisation and intimidation of the people of WesternProvince had raised tension that had left the people of Barotseland with fear.

But sources in Limulunga have disclosed that the ceremony might be called off because many people close to the royal family were against it.

The source further stated that the date for the ceremony was meant to blindfold people.

“It is really difficult to have Kuomboka and even the royal establishment knows that. Ever since in the history of the Lozi the ceremony has never been held this late.  Even the water levels have gone down, what more in three weeks time,” the source said.

4 thoughts on “Kuomboka raises tension among Lozis

  1. No one is happy in a manner this govt is treating the people of Barotseland .Therefore this celemony should not be held until the issue of Barotseland is resolved.

  2. Kuomboka is a joyous occasion characterised by Lozi traditional pomp and ceremony. One may wonder how this can be achieved under this forbidding climate of indignation on the part of the Barotselanders. Some Barotse nationals are under arrest and on bail on account of the unresolved Barotseland issue yet others want to play Kuomboka. What a moral contradiction. NYAMBE-A-NGULA help us retain our sanity.

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