MMD to blame for one party state creation by PF

The opposition MMD in Luapula has complained that its disorganised leadership is contributing to the restoration of the one party state by President Michael Sata.

 Provincial Executive Committee Treasury Godfrey Mwenya said that it was unacceptable and extremely embarrassing for the Party’s vice president Michael Kaingu to complain that the PF wanted to restore the one party state because MMD was aiding Mr Sata to do that.

Mr Mwenya said the decision not to defend its Kapiri and Lukulu Parliamentary seats and subsequently trading of the party membership and voters to the United Party for National Development (UPND) was actually helping the ruling party to take this country backwards.

He said it was unwise for the party to be fighting this through word of mouth when it had failed to participate in the forth coming by-elections so that its MPs could fight this in the House.

“How does Dr. Kaingu expect to successfully challenge the restoration of the one party state if the party is not making attempts of defending its seats in its strong holds?

“How does Hon. Dr. Kaingu expect to successfully challenge the restoration of the one party state when the party is busy expelling MPs who have different views from the party president? Kaingu must brace himself as he is among those whom we shall hold accountable should MMD die.

He said the entire MMD in LuapulaProvince was now wondering what kind of leadership it has which cannot inspire the membership.

He said it was sad that the current leadership was put in office without going for a National Convention and this has lead to a lot of unsolved mysteries in the party decisions.

He complained that a lot of people had left the party because of decisions that most party members were against and lacked consultations from the secretariat.

Mr Mwenya said the leadership was not encouraging because it had failed to take advantage of the failed PF promises to start recruiting more members into MMD.

However, Mr Mwenya said Vice President Dr Guy Scott was off the mark when he bragged that the PF had eaten up the MMD to a point that the former ruling party was virtually dead.

He said it was not true, unless Dr Scott says that his party was funding some leaders to lead the party into extinction.

“Our prayer is that during his so called “tour of hope” Pastor Mumba shall not only be meeting people who are painting the blue MMD with white hence the withering of the party as it changes its colour into light blue.

“If that tour of hope is really genuine, it must have began with Lukulu and Kapiri constituencies by convincing the membership to vote for the MMD candidates and not asking the membership to vote for the UPND candidates,” he said.