During his 10years in the opposition Michael Sata devoted his time and energy speaking for the voiceless and fighting for justice without any fear.

Sata taught us that with patience you can even cook stones, even when some people thought it was impossible to remove a sitting government Michael worked extra hard prove to us that nothing is impossible and inspired many Zambians that they held the power to remove a government when it’s not performing.

And not only that he proved to us that it does not matter who you are or where you come from as long you work hard and believe in yourself the sky is the limit.

Sata moved from being a common policeman to president of Zambia.

He proved that even a poor boy from Mpika can rise up to become the most influential person and later president of Zambia. Despite being president Sata has continued to be humble and he continues to show love and respect for a common man.

Though in some cases he has used wrong formulas in a quest to get quick results but politics aside you tell that Sata has a passion to uplift Zambia from poverty, though he lacks a credible team of ministers to help him do that.

On principles, there are number of issues that I don’t agree with Mr. Sata especially after becoming president. For example, the implementation of the public order act is one which leaves much to be desired, I don’t get the logic in the appointment of Daniel Munkombwe as minister when we have a lot of capable young leaders and I don’t agree with him on the poaching of corrupt MPs thereby causing costly by-election at the expense of national development.

But all this cannot take away the positive contribution that he has made to our politics and to me he qualifies to be on my list of political heroes (I don’t have to wait until he is dead for me to say this) and I wish him success and pray that God grants him more strength and wisdom as he continues to lead our beloved nation.

Having said a lot about Mr. Sata, allow me this to also put it to record that it’s also inspiring to see a boy from the rural part of southern province rising up to be a billionaire.

Hakainde Hichilema has also shown that no matter where you come from you can still make it in life.

Though the UPND political style and message has done little to inspire me to believe in it, HH’s personal success is admirable and instead of persecuting him over his hard work we must encourage and be proud of him as our own bill gates.

If am not PF and I don’t support UPND then where am I? I am a member of the National Restoration Party (NAREP) led by one patriotic and wise young Zambian- Elias Chipimo. Why NAREP? NAREP introduces a new type of politics which is based on issues and values. Zambia needs a new generation of leadership (KK, Sata and other old politicians have done their parts and we thank them, but it’s time for new breeds of leaders). Zambia needs fresh ideas and issue based politics. Elias Chipimo and NAREP seek to advocate for positive change of mindset among all citizens if this nation is to develop. Positive change of mindset priority number one for NAREP because we believe that development of a nation takes effort from each and every person; development is a process which must begin with people on the grassroots. You can give someone more money but if he is not responsible enough it will not help, personally, I have a woman selling tomato on the streets managing to feed the family and send kids to school and at the same time I have seen someone with a monthly salary of 10million failing to do the same. Yes more money is needed but this goes with responsibility and we must never forget that money comes with hard work…..

This is what NAREP is advocating for among other things such: investing in clean alternative energy, improved health sector, improved education and investment in agriculture and other forms of food production.
Zambia will never develop as long as we continue to have people who work hard to make money and only to spend this money on beer and prostitutes, Zambia will never develop as long we continue to have civil servants spending time on facebook instead of working, Zambia will never develop as long as we continue to have a government which spends more money buying vehicles for ministers as opposed to buying medicine in the hospital, we shall never develop as long as we continue to support costly by-elections at the expense of improving clinics and schools in our compounds. We must change our mindset towards these and many other issues if we are to develop. Youths must stop wasting money on pleasure and leisure; instead we must develop a culture saving and investing in profit making ventures. Civil servant must stop getting huge loans just to buy a car which will breakdown before you even finish paying the loan; people must begin to invest in real estate. And most importantly we must move away from the current retrogressive type of politics which has failed to deliver development. Politics of name calling, tribalism and using youth as disciples of confusion must be a thing of the past. The message of NAREP represents 21st century type of politics which has no room for violence and politics of personal attacks: NAREP is not promising manner from heaven but we believe that each person has a unique God given potential which can help develop this nation and if we all unite and put our efforts together then the sky is the limit for mother Zambia. I call on all young people in Zambia to rise up and support Elias Chipimo and NAREP as they seek to restore a better Zambia. Join NAREP today and be an agent of change-remember change begins with you!!!!! God bless you and God bless our beloved country Zambia.

David Chikwanda

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