Sata ,PF should leave MMD alone

PRESIDENT Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front (PF) should leave the MMD alone and instead concentrate on sorting out the lawlessness, confusion, hunger and economic chaos which it had caused in the country within a short time of being in government.

MMD Copperbelt provincial chairman Joseph Zulu said the PF had caused a lot of damage to the country’s economy within a short time of being in government, and so it should not divert the attention of its failure by attacking the former ruling party which had good policies for economic growth.

Mr Zulu was reacting to a statement by republican President Michael Sata and quoted in some sections of the media that the MMD was failing to manage itself.

The MMD Copperbelt provincial chairman said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that President Sata and the PF in general should not attack the former ruling party which left a strong and stable economy, but should concentrate on addressing the various problems the country was facing like the mealie meal crisis.

“MMD is still strong and united, hence President Sata’s statement that the MMD is failing to manage itself are unfounded and untrue. If anything, it is actually Mr Sata and PF who have failed to manage Zambia as evidenced by the mealie meal crisis.

“When MMD left government, mealie meal was costing K38 per 25kg bag, but now, it is costing between K80 and K100 per 25 kg bag. So you can see that the PF has lamentably failed to manage the country. If anything, Zambia is headed for worse things because PF has no vision for national development,” Mr Zulu said.

Apart from the mealie-meal crisis in the country, Mr Zulu said Zambia, under the PF government had experienced a lot of confusion like street vending, rampant corruption where government officials were perpetrating the vice with impunity.

Mr Zulu said recently, some PF councilors in Mongu exchanged punches in the chamber, an indication of total confusion in the ruling party.

“We have seen unprecedented confusion in the short time PF has been in government. We have see mealie-meal crisis where the commodity is in short supply and where it is available, it is costing K80 or 100 per 25kg bag.

“We have seen the city and town centres being turned into dumping sites by street vendors, while corruption is also at its worst level under PF. PF claims to be allergic to corruption, but that is mere rhetoric,” He said.

And commenting on President Sata’s appointment of Daniel Munkombwe as Southern Province Minister, Mr Zulu said the action by the President was a clear indication that he was taking the country backwards by going into the archives to pick old people to govern the country.

Mr Zulu said it was sad that President Sata had gone into the archives to pick old men who are not going to add value to the governance of the country when the country had a lot of vibrant youths to take over the governance system of the country.

“Mr Munkombwe will contribute little or nothing to the governance of this country because he has even said that he is in leadership to eat and not to serve. So it is really sad to have such kind of leaders. It is disheartening that President Sata could go into the archives to pick Mr Munkombwe so that he could come and enjoy tax payers money for nothing,” He said.