Kachingwe cannot be trusted-MMD

It will be difficult for MMD members to trust its former national secretary Major Richard Kachingwe after all the negative things he said against the former ruling party, says MMD Copperbelt publicity secretary Yotam Mtayachalo.

Mr Mtayachalo however said it was good that the former national secretary had realised that he erred and wanted to make peace with the party but that he should apologise to all members.

He was reacting to Maj Kachingwe’s letter to the MMD in which among other things he demanded to be reinstated to his former post.

Mr Mtayachalo said a lot of considerations will have to undertaken because it was difficult to know whether Maj Kachingwe was coming back to work for the party without any ill motives. “It is good if the Major has realised that he made a mistake but it is still not yet known why he is coming back to the party after all that he said. He became so personal against Nevers Mumba it would be impossible for the two to work together because of the things he said. “It will also be important for the party to look at his request and the NEC should make a decision on the matter objectively,” Mtayachalo said.

Mr Mtayachalo said in spite of the come back request by the former national secretary there was a ruling from the High Court on his dismissal and all these issues would need to be looked at by the committee that would be tasked to hear his case.

“He should be accorded a chance to be heard and all the squabbles in the party should be put to rest. We want peace and unity to prevail in the party in order for the MMD to offer effective checks and balances to the ruling PF.”Maj Kachingwe should also look at his short comings and apologise sincerely otherwise it will be difficult to trust him,” he said.  Maj  Kachingwe said the party did not follow procedure when it made the decision to expel him and demanded that an Adhoc committee be formed to hear his case.

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  1. thats the way to go let reconciliation nevers mumba being a pastor knows what it is to forgive.

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