Permanent state of elections

The permanent state of elections, this country is being subjected to must come to an end because it is costly, immoral and uncalled for.

We know that with 4 more seats the Patriotic Front will achieve a n absolute majority in Parliament and with another 31 it will attain a two thirds majority which is required to make constitutional changes.

The country is hurtling towards these figures, hence the numerous by elections.

We are wasting vast sums of money on an exercise that is hardly of benefit to the nation, least of all the people that are looking up to Government for distributive justice which  should place at its core the well being of the ordinary people.

By elections will never benefit the people in their quest for social service delivery they are instead taking away the resources that should be used to meet this need. The people must serve as a priority call on national resources and not electoral politics.

We have said before and would like to repeat that by elections are the epitome of corruption where the ruling party is abusing its status of incumbency to access public resources for it’s selfish interest against more pressing needs.

As newly nominated Minister for Southern Province has stated, public office is an opportunity to “eat.”

But this eating is coming at great cost to the Zambian people. For example it is an absolute scandal that Government has allocated K1billion to five hospices for the year. Each of these hospices spends several time more  than this amount each year. These institutions which were supposed to be serving the least in society have been closed for months on end because they have no resources, and yet Government can find billions of Kwacha to fund by elections which cost many times  more than the hospices cost to run.

The priority is wrong and whoever is responsible for public policy analysis must  draw the attention of the Vice President to this anomaly.

We mention the Vice President because he spoke about funding public institutions adequately while campaigning in the in Kapiri Mposhi by election.

This abuse of public resources is a scandal and blemish on the principle of distributive justice, which holds that Government ensures the best use of resources to benefit the ordinary people.

We appreciate that the top political leadership commands resources to access treatment at choice private hospitals in Lusaka, but not everybody has such means. The Hospices which have now closed their in service wards were providing a wonderful humanitarian service to those who had the least.

We can not continue to spend recklessly on by-elections when situations of injustice stare us in the face. It is not just immoral it is actually a sin which must force the leadership to hang their heads in shame.

It is shameful that sewers in Matero are almost permanently blocked because they have outlived their capacities.

It is a shame that in this day and age many parts of Lusaka are using ‘flying’ toilets because many unplanned townships lack even the most basic of services.Ironically the people in Kanyama, Chawama, Mandebvu and other areas of want gave this Government an overwhelming vote in the hope of change.

That change has not come, if anything things are getting worse. What with the skyrocketing prices of basic foodstuffs.The Government must awaken to the realities of the day and make appropriate policy adjustments that will aim at uplifting the lives of the ordinary Zambian.It is all very good to showcase the mega road projects, but at the end of the day it will be the Nshima and Kapenta issues on which the Government will be judged.

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  1. let the constitution commission starting tomorow please include a clause in avoiding parliamentary by elections.if an MP ‘crosses the floor’ by accepting a ministrial position, his former party must choose a replacement. also less limit the number of minister can appoint. i fore see a situation where all defecters will be appointed ministers.

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