Please recall Judge Chikopa

The Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has written to the Malawian Head of State Joyce Banda to recall embattled Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa.

According to the letter obtained by the Daily Nation, ZDDM has appealed to President Banda to recall Judge Chikopa until the matter of the tribunal he was supposed to hear was resolved through the courts of law.

“We, as Zambia Direct Democracy Movement, write to seek your assistance in repeating our appeal to the conscience of Judge Chikopa and to consider advising the Zambian government to allow him to come back home and do some other important issues as he continues to wait for an appeal against the decision of the Zambian High Court to stay the Tribunal he was supposed to chair,” the letter read.

ZDDM President Edwin  Sakala said that the action to call for the office of the President of Malawi to recall Justice Chikopa was in the best interest of justice and the rule of law, adding that his party had in December 2012 written to him but nothing much has changed.

He said that the continued stay of Judge Chikopa in Zambia was contemptuous as it meant that the court outcome was already predetermined.

“We feel, it is in the interest of justice for him to give room for the Supreme Court of Zambia to make a decision on the appeal against the High Court decision to stay the tribunal. We believe that his continued stay in the is contemptuous because the action can easily be interpreted to mean that, the outcome of the appeal has already been predetermined,” he said.

Mr. Sakala said that Judge Chikopa should have gone back to Malawi until such a time the matter was completed for him to hear the complaint.

“I wish to ask for your assistance in persuading Judge Chikopa whereas the High Court for Zambia has stayed the tribunal, which he was supposed to chair, establish the authenticity of the complaint raised against some adjudicators in the Zambian judicial system by some private individuals that share a good relationship with the Executive. It has been established that, his continued stay at the very expensive Mulungushi Village Complex in Lusaka is at the expense of the Zambian Tax Payers.

Our appeal is without malice or any ill intention whatsoever but  has been necessitated by a bona fide cause. Our immediate concern is the huge amount of money being spent on his continued stay but the same money could be used to address the problems the country is facing. As you already know currently, Zambia is faced with challenges in the field of health, education and agriculture,” he stated in his letter.

Mr. Sakala explained in his letter that Zambian farmers were unpaid to date for the products they sold in the last farming season.”The money being spent by government to sponsor Judge Chikopa’s stay at the expensive complex could be used to pay farmers and sponsor inter party dialogue meeting to resolve our own problems which include his coming to Zambia,” he said. The letter was also copied to President Michael Sata, Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba.