Public office is for service and not personal gain

It is wrong to go into the government merely for economic gains, but service to the people must be a priority and not self interest, a youth governance nongovernmental organisation has said.
Gallant Youth in Zambia (GYZ) Executive Director Henry Mulenga noted that development was at stake because most of the people who were appointed to public offices were old and had already benefitted.
Mr Mulenga stated that for as long as the government did not consider the young people’s role in the society, Zambia would continue wallowing in abject poverty.
Mr Mulenga claimed that the appointment of veteran Politician Daniel Munkombwe as Southern Province minister could not pass without comment because government had continued to recycle its governance and that was a hindrance to youth’s opportunities.
He observed that though old people did a lot during their time, there was also need to recognise young people to curb high rate of unemployment in the country.
“Zambia will be celebrating its 49th independence anniversary this year, and this means that most of the freedom fighters who fought for our liberations struggle as youths are in the range of 70 and 85years, and these are the same people who are still serving in government. Our wish is that they leave such opportunities to young people, and their job now was to guide young people on good governance because they know what it means since they have been there before,” he said.