Selective justice

Selective Justice is no justice. It is an abomination.
Although Lady Justice stands tall and high at the High Court, justice in Zambia is neither blind nor impartial.
Even the route to justice is mired and riddled with glaring injustices, inequality and contradictions.
In most countries access to justice is impeded by social status, economic and financial considerations. In Zambia these impediments exist in double measure but made worse by political affiliation.
Cadres and senior officials from the ruling party can do no wrong- and if they do all they need do is apologize. Even where they do not apologize the law remains mute.
We have many examples. The Western Province Minister Mr. Obvious Mwaliteta assaulted Garry Nkombo at the Livingstone Police Station in the presence of police officers. Absolutely nothing happened to him.
Instead Nkombo who was reporting an attack by the PF on his UPND campaign Headquarters was arrested and charged with the murder of a PF cadre.
Obviously the officers were too sacred to act, let alone restrain the Minister. He is  now walking the streets a free man while Nkhombo nurses his  injuries hoping that justice will be done.
It actually took an entire Magistrate to order that Nkombo should be taken to the Hospital for treatment and to obtain a medical report. The Police refused to obey the order until one of them was put in the cells.
Even then the resultant medical report was stolen from the hospital folder. It is not difficult to imagine why.
A few days ago Sylvia Masebo, another star who featured in the Livingstone bye election violence was at it again in Kapiri Mposhi where she brazenly abrogated the electoral law. When everybody thought the normal course of law would prevail the ECZ instead called her for an admonition which resulted in an apology.
It is not clear if  she will be prosecuted but chances are this will be the end of the matter.
On the contrary opposition cadres have always ended up in  police cells and courts of law. This starts from the very top as  both Nevers Mumba and Hakainde Hichilema are before courts of law.
The entire trail of by elections is littered with arrests and prosecution of opposition cadres. In Rufunsa where another PF cadre was killed a number of UPND cadres were arrested and incarcerated in Prison. It is not clear if they have been released, in spite of evidence that the victim of violence was an in-house casualty in the same manner as the Livingstone situation.
The Mpongwe by election the Police locked up a UPND cadre who was reporting violence, we believe that he has since been taken to court for inciting violence- all because he reported an attack by the PF.
In Mufumbwe where shots were fired a number of MMD and UPND cadres were arrested, kept in the cells and  eventually were prosecuted. The catalogue is long.
In short justice is selective. What selective justice breeds is sycophancy