Take me back – Kachingwe

Expelled opposition MMD National Secretary Major Richard Kachingwe has asked to be reinstated into his former post because his dismissal was not justified.
In a letter dated March 7 and addressed to party national chairman Kabinga Pande, Maj Kachingwe says that the party did not follow procedure when it made the decision to expel him.
Maj Kachingwe whose expulsion was confirmed by the Lusaka High court said the National Executive Committee (NEC) did not follow the party constitution and that the people who sat during the NEC meeting that resolved to dismiss him were not qualified to do so.
He claimed that his expulsion was unjustified because he was not give chance to be heard by the disciplinary committee of the party.
He has since asked the party through its chairman to given him an opportunity to be heard so that he could explain what prompted him to act the way he did.
Maj. Kachingwe proposed that the party should come up with an Adhoc committee that should hear his case and that he should be reinstated as National Secretary because there was no committee that heard his case.
The Major still maintained that the decision by Dr Mumba to expel him from the party had no blessings from NEC because he was an elected national secretary for the party.
And the former ruling party through its national secretary Kapembwa Simbao has written to Maj Kachingwe saying that it would look into the matter that he raised.
The letter did not however, state when the Adhoc committee would be formed to look at Maj Kachingwe’s plight.But sources told the Daily Nation that despite the party’s decision to respond to Maj Kachingwe, most members were reluctant to sit and hear his complaint.
They said technically the decision to expel him was wrong but his complaint did not hold any water because he misbehaved.
They said it would be difficult for the party secretariat to come up with an Adhoc committee that would tolerate what the former national secretary did.
After being expelled from the MMD Maj Kachingwe challenged the decision and took the matter to the Lusaka High Court claiming that Dr Mumba could not expel him from the party as he was the president of the Reform Party.
But Judge Jane Kabuka dismissed Maj Kachingwe’s application saying that Dr Mumba was an elected official for the party and the decision by the party was upheld.

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  1. The worst thing the MMD will do is to re-admit Major Richard Kachingwe. As a secretary general of the party, Kachingwe exhited the highest level of indiscipline and irresponsibility. Mike Mulongoti has formed a political party and people Kachingwe should go there and try their luck.

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