Miyanda blasts government

Zambians stand to be taken for a ride over the illegal constitution making process because they like shooting themselves in the foot, says Heritage Party president Godfrey Miyanda.
Brigadier-General Miyanda said the current draft constitution was not backed by any law and yet Zambians have allowed it to gobble billions of Kwacha.
“Just now there is a second circus that has been going on for sometime now, unjustifiably gobbling up billions of Kwacha, in the name of writing the so-called new constitution without legal backing, He said.
In a statement obtained by the Daily Nation, Gen Miyanda observed that a government of laws and not of men meant one that respected the law at all stages of an understanding such as the constitution making process.
“With the routine poaching of MPs promoted by President Sata himself, the numbers in the National Assembly are daily being manipulated and inflated in favour of the executive with no legal safeguards,
“Fellow Zambians, the writing is on the wall, do not come and say that we did not ‘kubeba’ you,” said Gen Miyanda
Gen Miyanda explained that the PF government has to date not indicated under which law the creature (constitution) came into existence.
He said previous ones used to come under the Inquiries Act which the civil society roundly condemned.
“But today there is not even the Inquiries Act or any other provision of the law-it is ‘donchi Kebeba  all over again. The merry go round of constitution- making in Zambia,” he said
He said he once attended a public sitting of the committee where he asked the chair His Lordship Mr Justice Annel Silungwe how they will decided which submissions to accept after the people have submitted.
“ He avoided to answer the question on how the committee will decide which submissions or comments to accept or reject or indeed what their mandate is. So, is the president obliged to follow recommendations that will be submitted by this irregular Committee?” asked Gen Miyanda.
Gen Miyanda also observed his worry over the  tendency  by President Sata who always condemned the contents  of reports presented to him even before he had read them.
“He knew in advance what was in the report that had not yet been presented to him Now we are told that that the Silungwe will take their report to the president, but under which provision?.
He said sadly though that Zambians were habitually good at shooting themselves in the foot even when they identify that something was wrong or not backed by law, they will go ahead and support it.

2 thoughts on “Miyanda blasts government

  1. Miyanda must now know that the law he is talking about that should back the process of making a new constitution is dead and stale like the Barotseland Agreement. Miyanda being a poor lawyer has been very inconsistent in issues that he sees would not benefit him. The law he is complaining about in case of BA-64 was very clear that even a first year student at the worst University of Zambia would understand it. But because he was VP at that time when he saw the dead and stale agreement. Today he is not a beneficiary of Sata’s government, he is telling the Zambians that the law that should support the constitution making process is dead. Always Miyanda is talking about dead laws. A failed politician he is.

    1. General you do not inspire anyone both a soldier and a politician. All political parties were invited and you have decided not to attend. Let PF fail but you must do your share.

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