Parliament select committee should revisit DPP’s ratification

Parliamentary procedures must now be invoked in order to bring to book and review the ratification of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito who lied to the select committee in the process of his ratification.
Alliance for Development and Democracy (DPP) Charles Milupi and People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti have said that the committee still had the duty to the nation to invoke the parliamentary procedures to reverse the great disservice that has been done to the country.
In addition the two judgments by Justice Nigel Mutuna and Supreme Court Justice Gregory Phiri finding Mr. Nchito culpable of criminal conduct nullified the basis on which the ratification was made.
The recommendations follow the revelations by committee chairperson Lucky Mulusa that Mr. Nchito lied to the parliamentary committee.
Both leaders said that the Parliamentary Select Committee that sat to recommend the ratification of Mr. Nchito must reconvene to look at the allegations leveled against him.
Mr. Milupi said that it was disappointing that the committee recommended for the ratification of a wrong person and must apologize to the Speaker of the National Assembly for misleading the House and the nation.
He said that the revelations by the select committee chairperson that sat to recommend for the ratification of Mr. Nchito as DPP by parliament, meant that a wrong person was in the office of the DPP.
Mr. Milupi said that allegations of perjury were serious issues and therefore the chairperson of the committee should look at parliamentary procedure and conduct and invoke Cap 12 of the laws of Zambia which protects witnesses.
“Cap 12 of the laws of Zambia is very clear in such matters like this one and I feel bad that the committee is not saying what they want to do. I was Member of Parliament and I sat on various select committees and I know the powers of these committees and they should exercise those powers to address this problem,” he said.
He said that Cap 12 of the laws of Zambia could be invoked if it becomes clear that one lied before the committee and the same law that protects witnesses could be used against such people.
And Mr. Milupi has advised the select committee that sat to recommend for the ratification of Mr. Nchito to immediately reconvene to chart the way forward on the matter.
He said that the committee should take action by referring to the parliamentary code and procedure, adding that the Speaker of National Assembly was not part of the committee that sat to recommend for the ratification.
Mr. Milupi said that the committee must take action over the allegations that Mr. Nchito misled the house as a witness, adding that parliamentary committees must not just say that they were cheated but act on such issues.

One thought on “Parliament select committee should revisit DPP’s ratification

  1. This issue is shrouded in mystery. Does it mean that the parliamentary select committee was so stupid that they recommended ratification of someone based on only on future promises? These MPs are seriously lacking in both integrity and common sense. We, the people of Zambia, cannot believe such rubbish coming out of Mr. Mulusa’s mouth. Let him tell us what they were promised in order to recommend Mutembo for DPP position and why he is now trying to rescind his decision. Greed and avarice are not virtues Mr. Mulusa. Just do your job and shut up!

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