Harrington writes final letter to CJ

Former Transport Minister William Harrington has written his final letter to the office of the Chief Justice in line with his proposal of appointing the tribunal to investigate Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo.

Mr Harrington told the Daily Nation that he has written a final letter which he hoped would meet all the requirements for a tribunal.

The office of the chief justice requested Mr Harrington to attach the affidavits of the witnesses which he said was not necessary.

Mr Harrington said it would be unreasonable and unfair on his part as a complainant to request for sworn affidavits from witnesses considering that some of them were working under government.

“Submission of affidavits from witnesses is not a prerequisite under the Act for appointment of the tribunal by the chief justice. My understanding is that the chief justice may appoint the tribunal without demanding affidavits from witnesses as such evidence may be given under oath at the tribunal,” said Harrington.

He assured that he was not intending to engage in a protracted debate over the provisions of the Parliamentary and Ministerial code of conduct.

“The letter I am writing to the office of the Chief Justice is a final one, because I hope I have met all the necessary requirements for the tribunal to be set. And I am ready to attach my own affidavits as requested by the Chief Justice‚Äôs office in correspondence with them,” he said.

He wondered why acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda has been hard on the matter when all the requirements were met.

And Mr. Harrington has instead handed his own affidavits.

Mr Harrington said the tribunal should investigate allegations of breaches of the ZAWA Act no. 12 of 1998, the ministerial code of conduct and abuse of office in the cancellation of hunting concession licenses.

Mr Harrington presented a list of 14 persons who could be subpoenaed by the tribunal for the purposes of verifying print and electronic media publications.

However, the office of the Chief Justice said the offer to set for the tribunal was still open, provided Mr Harrington established a prima facie case in accordance with the rules and procedures.