RB will not receive fair trial

Former President Rupiah Banda will not have a fair trial under the Patriotic Front (PF) government because of its desire to breach the rule of law, charges former UPND Itezhi Tezhi Member of Parliament Godfrey Beene.

And Mr. Beene has urged lawyers representing Mr Banda to cite Deputy Minister for Information and Broadcasting Mwansa Kapeya for contempt for stopping the former head of state from traveling to Kenya despite a court order.

In an interview, Mr. Beene accused the PF government of interfering with the judiciary  in the manner it was  administering the rule of law.

He said that it had become clear that the former head of state was not expected to receive a fair trial because of intense political interference.

“I watched the news on TV about Mr. Kapeya supporting the action by the Immigration department stopping former President Banda from flying out to Kenya when the courts of law had issued a court order to allow him travel and attend the inauguration ceremony which he was invited to. The whole scheme by the PF government should be challenged in the courts of law,” he said.

Mr. Beene said that it was shocking to see how the PF government was conducting their daily business above the rule of law.

He said that the PF government had greedy leaders, adding that the act by the PF government to disrespect the rule of the law and court orders would soon or later fuel anarchy and serious tension in the country.

“Zambians will not continue with the ‘lets’ wait and see’ kind of approach to monitoring the PF continued abuse of the law of the land.   They will one day stand up and fight to protect the constitution. They will defend the law which is being raped by the PF government on a daily basis,” he said.

Mr. Beene observed that it was shameful for any government leader to ignore the fact that former President Banda was recognized world over as an icon of peace and a true democrat of Africa.

He said that the embarrassment the PF government had subjected former President Banda to was unacceptable and should therefore be stopped forthwith.

“We need to engage Zambians and explain to them the hate seed the PF government is sowing. This seed is dangerous for the growth of peace and unity in this nation. We cannot disrespect Mr. Banda the way we are doing in this country. He is not a criminal.”

Mr. Beene said that it was sad and shameful for Mr. Kapeya to behave in a dishonest manner by hiding critical issues after their scheme to stop Mr. Banda from going to Kenya was exposed by suggesting that the former President had a hidden agenda.

“Mr. Kapeya is being dishonest and contemptuous in the manner he is trying by all means to window dress PF lies by suggesting that Mr. Banda had an agenda and was about to be arrested. It is like these people know more than what Zambians do and I therefore, urge the lawyers representing Mr. Banda to take Mr. Kapeya to court for contempt for disregarding the court order,” he said.