Homosexuality and Zambian Constitution

Dear Editor,

And the people of Zambia, should Zambia and its people allow homosexuality acceptable and be enshrined in the law of the land? First and foremost, I strongly affirm Zambia’s stance on homosexuality. I strongly believe that the Constitution of Zambia is a collective consciousness of the people of Zambia and has to be held firm and anyone going against it be held accountable. As such, the people of Zambia, be it rich or poor; collectively and firmly have no place for homosexuality.

I can further add on to say those who are championing or even televising those champion such acts are telling us something about themselves and they too need to be questioned. There is no smoke without fire! Are they gays? What are they benefiting by championing the rights of gays?

Following the move by the so called “couples” who wanted to register their marriages, I strongly believe they need some help. In someone, they have been practicing homosexuality and all they wanted was to have civil rights on their relationship like heterosexual marriages

On homosexuality, let Zambia be Zambia with errors and let the collective mind of the people of Zambia challenge its very errors. In this case, the people of Zambia denounce gay rights. Zambia has no place for homosexuality.

The people of Zambia have enough issues to deal with, such as infidelity among heterosexuals, corruption, etc. and are not read to add another burden of homosexuality. Therefore, I speak aware of Zambia’s own weakness and errors; and errors of heterosexuality. As a Zambia, Freely and consciously do not affirm gay rights. What I affirm as human rights which the people of Zambia affirm. Thus, I opposes gay marriages and the social acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex relationships, but I uphold the fact that homosexual persons in their “sickness” like all of us deserve respect, justice and care.

Homosexuality lacks spousal meaning of the body. Homosexual misses the beautifying “beginning” of man’s being and existing as male and female which is connected with the revelation and the discovering of the meaning of the body.

Tembo Michael