Dear Editor


It is sad to note that our country has always ignored or deliberately avoided to face the truth but at a great cost both to the nation and the brave citizens that have attempted to be patriotic by confronting the evils of corruption and abuse of office that have dominated our public institutions for many years now. The fact that we have chosen not to confront this problem head-on may not only affect the present generation but may certainly deny the future generation a decent livelihood.

It is for this sort of conduct that many honest citizens such as Paul Tembo (Politician), Lawyer Richard Ngenda, Ronald Penza (Politician), and even the late President Levy Mwanawasa has died questionable deaths. No one seem to mind to get to the bottom of such deaths due to the fact the we are all scared of those that drive the corrupt governance system. I find it difficult to accept the nonsense of making those that are in the public service to be untouchable at the expense of the rights of citizenry. Today the Police, the D.E.C. and the A.C.C. are being used as tools to victimize political opponents of the political party in Government. This is in exchange to the corrupt officers in the said public institutions being left alone to continue perpetuating their corrupt activities.

The DEC Drug Cartel issue may be taken for a lie by those that are fond of being scared of confronting the truth but to some of us that have fallen victims to this Drug Cartel the truth as to be confronted. Zambia is more important than the personal interests of the corrupt individuals that are in the system of governance or the public service.

The fact is that the D.E.C. the A.C.C. and the Police have been turned into havens of corruption by those that believes that they are connected and powerful. It is for this reason that the fight against corruption has never had a face that can give our nation hope for a better Zambia. Refusing to confront corruption in the public service (the judicially inclusive) is allowing the corruption to rob the nation of human rights, peace and justice on top of luck of meaningful development. In other words, it is allowing the corrupt public servants to amass corrupt wealth at the expense of the nation.

It is commonsense to understand that D.E.C. is corrupt and definitely has a cartel by all Zambians that are concerned about our nation. It is a fact that D.E.C. have failed to account for the Gold that they kept at their offices after the case was disposed off by the court. Why did they decide to keep this exhibit instead of handing it over to the senior clerk of court in charge of such exhibits? The Law is clear on how exhibits are to be handled during the court proceedings and after the case is concluded. It is also clear on how exhibits are to be disposed off.

But the question is; why did the D.E.C. choose to hold on to custody of the Gold in question even when it was supposed to be in the court’s custody just to come and claim that it went missing? The exhibits going missing at the D.E.C. offices without the senior officials being able to zero in on the culprits, does this make sense? To me this is only possible if it is an inside job.

Even in the case of the Bolivians’ 13.2kg of cocaine, the D.E.C. never handed over the said drugs to the court obviously on the pretext of security. It was only taken to court three times under police escort and in company of senior D.E.C. officials. But why go against the Law by not following the legal procedure? Why didn’t the handover the cocaine to the senior clerk of court, what was behind the unusual interest? The truth can be traced in the quick move to destroy the purported cocaine few minutes after delivering the judgment, convicting the Bolivians. Why was it so, when the D.E.C. and the court knew very well that the defense argued in their defense over the genuineness of the said cocaine? Moreover, the court was very much aware that the accused had the 14 days right to appeal against the judgment, hence the need to preserve the exhibit for the unfinished business of allowing an independent analyst to verify the genuineness of the exhibit. The logic was that the court was supposed to establish the genuineness of the exhibit to eliminate to issue of swapping the drugs for the said salt. To many who knows the truth about this case it is clear that the magistrate was given K150 million by the D.E.C. Drug Cartel to cover up for it. If D.E.C. can steal Gold what can stop it from stealing or swapping cocaine exhibits?

It is true the exhibit from the Bolivian case just like that of other huge quantities ended on our streets. This is why some people like Maneko Njamba were framed by the D.E.C. Drug Cartel and he is in prison awaiting trial. The fact is that he owed the D.E.C. officers for part of the same Bolivians’ cocaine they had supplied him. There are several others that benefited from this exhibit.

The surprising fact is that a known figure was convicted on the case of stealing cocaine from the courts in Ndola 3 years ago but came out on bail pending appeal. Since then it seems his connections at the D.E.C. officers had a hand in this convict never stepping back in court or prison. There are several other cases that can be cited or be traced if the relevant authorities are serious about getting to the truth.

The D.E.C. cartel also takes advantage of the money laundering Law to rob the rich of their hard earned cash. Just citing one example the D.E.C. cartel discovered USA $150 000 in the account of a guy called Blaze. The D.E.C. cartel demanded that he give them a USA $50 000 from this cash for them not charge him with failing to account. When he refused he was dragged to court charging him with failing to account. When he won the case, the D.E.C. cartel still demanded that he give them even just USA $10 000 from the money for them not to appeal against the judgment. He accepted so that he could be allowed to drawl his money. When they removed the restriction, he withdrew all his money and fled the country without giving them.

It is for this reason that the D.E.C. cartel decided to frame Gift Mubita, a brother to Blaze, to settle the said score. Gift Mubita is in Kamwala Remand prison just like it is to Maneko Njamba and others that have fallen victims to the cartel. Some few months ago the D.E.C. cartel even in a mistaken identity situation did arrest another Blaze in their attempt to capture the said brother of Gift Mubita.  It is also commonsense that this is why Lawyer Mosho is still having problems to be allowed to access his money even after winning the case against the D.E.C. I am sure that had he accepted to give them a portion of the cash involved, the D.E.C. cartel was going to respect the outcome of the court.

The fact is that the D.E.C. cartel only respects the outcome of the court if it is in its favor. It is unfortunate that the D.E.C. usually choose to be cited for contempt than submit to the demands of the Law. The D.E.C. has a habit of blackmailing some judicial officials to false unjust convictions.

I wonder why those that purport to cherish Justice for all rush to condemn those that brings out the truth on the corruption and abuse of authority that has become a cancer in the public service. It is up to the P.F. government to act and stop this corruption and abuse of authority in Law Enforcement Institutions if truly it means good for the nation.

It is easy to prove these facts because almost all that have fallen victims are in the country and can be traced through the courts of law. Anyone, can access the records through the judicial system and the media archives of our country. Some of the victims are still in prison hence the facts can be easily verified if someone wishes to do so.  Zambia wake-up before it’s too late?