Beware of traitors, Sata warned

Former Zambian deputy high commissioner to India Andrew Banda has advised President Michael Sata to be wary of people that have surrounded him because they are the ones that will betray him soon.

Mr Banda said it was very important that Mr Sata knew that not all the people that went to him were trustworthy. He was happy that Mr Sata had seen through the 15 people that he had fired and those that he had recalled from foreign missions at an early stage because they would have betrayed him.

“I want Mr Sata to deal with all the traitors before it is not too late because they will do to him also as they are doing to the former head of state Rupiah Banda. It was a good move for the President to have those 15 people fired because they were actually the ones that ate with my father and they quickly rushed to him.

“I would very much happy if Mr Sata got rid of all those people that are pretending to be supporting him when actually they will be the first ones to run away,” he said.

Mr Banda said he was available if Mr Sata needed assistance because he was ready to reveal some of the people that were pretending to be on the Presidents side.

“We know where they are and who they are both locally and abroad. These people are up to no good and it is important that the President had seen through those that he had called back,” he said.

And Mr Banda said that it was sad that Zambia was now experiencing double standards of politics and that he would not stop talking. He wondered how the first republican president Dr Kaunda was not an issue to the people of Zambia when he was taking part in issues that involved the PF administration.

He said this type of double political standards had lead to selective justice in the country because the prosecutors were just targeting only one family and leaving the real culprits out there.

“It is surprising that when Mr Rupiah Banda made a move or associated himself with other people the issue would be so bloated to create an impression that he had sinned.

“What is happening in this country is very unfortunate and not good for the growth of this nation. Other investigations are stopped in newspapers and the others cases they are sitting on them. All in all they are not as clean as they appear,” he said.

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