Chipimo denounces Parliament

The removal of immunity from former President Rupiah Banda was too sensitive an issue for Parliament to have moved with the speed that it did, thereby giving the impression of  collusion and complicity with the government, NAREP President Elias Chipimo has said.

He said the action by the Speaker was both surprising and concerning because as a former Judge, the Speaker did not accord due respect to the notion of separation of powers, because the effect of rushing the decision on the motion of lifting the immunity created the impression that the impartiality of parliament may be open to question.”

“And as a former Judge, The Speaker should appreciate the maxim that justice should not just be done but be seen to be done.” He said.

Unfortunately for those that are determined to continue to behave as though our courts do not exist he said, the courts still can reverse a decision that is not consistent with the law and the constitution.

“Everything that has been done so far, if it violates the law can be reversed by the courts through the judicial review granted by high Court Judge Anne Sitali.” He said

Parliament he said was still amenable to the Constitution and cannot contravene the constitution and the law.