Mark Chona suspends Clive Chirwa?

A bitter corruption row has erupted at Zambia Railways where some corrupt board members are reported to be demanding up to K 500 million in sitting allowances which the new executive director has rejected.

The board headed by former discredited and defunct task force on corruption chairman Mark Chona is reported to have put the company’s chief finance officer Regina Mwale on forced leave because she refused to disburse the money to the board members.

It is further reported that controversy has arisen over the $120 million from government Eurobond which was deposited in Zanaco but is now on its way to Finance Bank an arrangement which Professor Clive Chirwa is not aware of.

According to Daily Nation sources both Pro. Chirwa and Ms Mwale are on suspension because the have resisted transferring money  from Zanaco to the Finance Bank.

“I understand an account has been opened at Finance bank but I am not aware about it just as am not aware of my suspension.

“I am aware that my chief finance officer has been put on forced leave but am not going to capitulate to corrupt board members who I want to request the authorities to remove immediately,” he said.

Sources told the Nation that Pro Chirwa would be replaced by Mr Oredy Mwanawina in an acting capacity. Among the various offences against Pro Chirwa is that he had failed to offer consultancy contracts to preferred firms.

But speaking in an interview yesterday Pro Chirwa said that he would work towards cleaning the board.

“Not all the 11 board members are corrupt, it is only about three to four people that are demanding for such amounts of money for doing nothing. Imagine in two months these people are demanding for K500 million which is stealing.

“I also demand that Ms Mwale should be brought to back to work because she has done nothing wrong. Is questioning the K 500 million wrong, she was doing her job and I am not going to allow corruption in Zambia Railways. These board members must go,” Pro Chirwa said.

But when contacted for a comment board chairman Mark Chona said he was not well in the family and could not give any comments.

“We are not well in the family so I can not comment on anything thank you,” he said.

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