Nobody wants Sata dead-Kalunga

United Party for National Development on the Copperbelt has dismissed the outburst by Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba’s statement that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema wants President Michael Sata dead so that he can rule Zambia.

UPND Copperbelt Spokesman Kennedy Kalunga said such a statement was mischievous and just showed how desperate Mr Kabimba was, in his bid to gain cheap political sympathy.

Mr Kalunga has challenged Kabimba to avail evidence to the Zambians where he saw Mr Hichilema praying for the  ill health of Mr Sata.

“Because as far as we are concerned, it is him Mr Kabimba and his bunch of co-horts who are busy scheming everyday on how they will hound Sata from Presidency and we are aware that Kabimba is thirsty to become President of this country at all costs,” he said.

Mr Kalunga alleged that it was not so long ago when Mr Kabimba wanted to get rid of strong people in the party to find ways to succeed in his ploy to reach the presidency.

He said the party officials fueling the debates were conniving to unsettle public thoughts on the choice for presidency, and said Mr Kabimba who initiated such kinds of words was questionable as it showed how desperate he was.

Mr Kalunga instead advised President Sata not to be blinded by those seeming to be on his side but to be more concerned about delivering for the Zambian people who would be left to decide in the long run.

“We are also disappointed that we are having for the first in Zambia a Justice Minister who talks too much like an empty can. And as UPND we are therefore urging President Sata to be checking his back always because characters like Kabimba who are power hungry cannot be trusted,” he warned.

He accused Kabimba of successfully managing to demonise Lubinda who was perceived to be a threat to him and his fellow schemers, adding that his (Kabimba) misplaced priorities would cost him in days to come.