Apologize MMD tells Kabimba

Opposition MMD has demanded for an apology from Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba for labelling the party and its leaders corrupt crooks during a campaign trail in Kapiri recently.

The demand was issued in Lusaka yesterday by MMD Information and Publicity Secretary Mr Alfred Ndhlovu who warned that if Kabimba did not apologize the party was free to seek legal redress in courts of law.

And Mr Ndhlovu has called on Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi to behave like a genuine opposition political leader with the interest of all Zambians at heart.

In his letter to Kabimba, Mr Ndhlovu said in story carried by the Post under the headline “MMD is a party for Crooks-Kabimba”, was not only in  bad taste but also amounted to a serious insult.

“Your being a member of Parliament and Minister of Justice imposes a very high and strict standard of behaviour which must be reflected in the language which you choose to use every day,

“I am surprised that even as a qualified lawyer and State Counsel, you can choose to insult your political opponents in that manner,” said Mr Ndhlovu

He said there was no way in his considered opinion Kabimba could justify calling members of MMD ‘crooks’ as civil politicking.

“I therefore implore you to tender an apology to the MMD members and their leadership on the insults which you made in Kapiri Mposhi. If not explain why the same should not go to any local or magistrate court sooner than later,” he said.

On ADD, Mr Ndhlovu said in the Post story headlined “MMD dancing to its own tune-Milupi’ was not only in bad taste but also irresponsible.

He said the MMD did a lot of good things from 1991 to 2011 and Zambians can and will give them another mandate in future after an analysis of performance of the three political parties which have been in power since 1964.“Finally I appeal to you to behave as a genuine opposition political party leader with the interests of all Zambians at hear,” said Mr Ndhlovu.