Attacks on Lubinda rile Kabwata residents

The PF has been challenged to make available the exculpatory letter from the Kabwata MP Given Lubinda to the public as it was unfair that people were being used to attack him by some known senior party officials even when the matter was resolved by the Central Committee.

Chilenje Ward chairperson Samuel Nyirenda said allegations by Mr Brebner Changala that Mr Lubinda was forcing himself on the party were unfounded because all issues were resolved by the party’s big organ.

He revealed that the senior PF members that accused Mr Lubinda had failed to come up with concrete evidence hence the party’s decision not to expel him.

He said the named senior officials were too ambitious and determined to get rid of whoever they thought was getting in their way.

“Mr Lubinda has never failed to defend himself and he is serving his suspension because he is a wise leader who doesn’t want to wash dirty linen in public.

Mr Nyirenda said it was surprising that both party and outside hired guns knew so much about Mr Lubinda than the party did.

He said he believed that Mr Changala was a hired gun just like Dora Siliya by disgruntled PF members, adding that some of the people fighting Mr Lubinda were senior party officials,” he said.

The ward chairperson said some PF cadres in Kabwata constituency have fired a broadside at Mr Changala and Dora Siliya for their alleged ceaseless attacks on their area MP.

Mr Changala is a civil rights activist while Ms Siliya is MMD spokesperson. The two have been accused of continuously attacking Mr Lubinda in what they say is an invasion by “foreigners”

Asked why some party members had waged war against the former foreign affairs minister, Mr Nyirenda said it was because Mr Lubinda did not agree with their corrupt activities.

“Those corrupt elements in the PF are the ones that mounted serious campaigns against Mr Lubinda and this has annoyed a lot of party members in the constituency. It is not true that people kept quiet when their MP was being fought, we were all threatened with suspensions by the party leadership.

“As a party we have moved on and both party members and outsiders should remember what our deputy secretary general Mrs Bridget Atanga said and I repeat. Given Lubinda is a senior member of the party and he is not going anywhere,” he said.

He challenged Mr Changala to come to the constituency office and check if Lubinda was never there.

The ward chairperson said it was sad that party members had taken the fight outside the party all because of a lack of morals and integrity.

He said as concerned party members from the constituency their humble appeal to the party was that it should avail the issues raised by Mr Lubinda during the disciplinary meeting so that people stopped talking from without.

Mr Nyirenda also challenged Mr Changala to join the PF instead of commenting on issues that he did not know.


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