Constitution making process is worrying

Dear Editor



Recent deliberations at the constitutional conference have got me worried.

The recent resolve to declare Zambia a Christian country is a case in point.

Christianity is based on human understanding and reconciliation. And it is based on the concept of forgiveness and love thy neighbour.

Christianity certainly is not a fundamentalist institution.

By discarding secularism we are the only ones from the Christian world competing with mullahs from certain Muslim nations.

A number of Muslim countries combine state with religious functions and actually persecutes other religious followers.

Now we have given them a perfect excuse to justify their actions because they have one Christian country (Zambia) in comparison. We have reduced ourselves to their standards. God forbid.

Let me admit we still have few predominately Muslim countries that are still secular namely Turkey.

In predominately Christian countries there is none with such a declaration. Shame on us!

I’m afraid this constitutional conference won’t come with a constitution that will stand the test of time. “Resolutions based on majority view as opposed to just and fairness will result in a failed constitution.”

Remember this scenario: “Lydon Johnson the American president in 1964 had to amend the USA constitution to push for civil rights for blacks a minority group.

This was made possible because President Johnson discarded widespread objections from the majority White community .Participants are warned: BEWARE OF THE TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY. ”

I’m even more worried with the suggested adoption method of the constitution .The pointing finger is the weakness of the system…The number of participants is  too many for a well thought through resolution.

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