Unemployment is a national security risk.

Dear Editor

I agree with the concerned PF Youth 100% this Govt including the former Govt all they have done is useless lip service regarding to unemployment and under-employment of the people of Zambia.

They have not treated unemployment as a matter of urgency because they have a house and 3 meals daily.

These leaders are detached from realities of life of the millions of Zambians who live on one meal a day these are men and women who earn less than KR800 a month and 80% of their income is spent on rent.

Unemployment is a national security risk.

If you have plenty your security and safety depends on all your country men and women include them so they too can have 3 meals a day.

The unemployment in Zambia is created by the people in leadership to their benefit look what is happening at Zambia Railways Board Members demanding obscene allowance when the company is broke and still on it’s knees these people (Board Members) are vultures day light thugs with no morals.

Dr. Ackim Hamweendo came to Zambia one year ago waiting for the Ministry of Health to give an MOU he waited in vain not until when the Swedish Govt recognized him then that was the time when the Govt started looking for him to sign the MOU what a joke and embarrassment, I have been in the country close to one year just like Dr.Hamwwendo we have projects which will create jobs but because we do not pay bribes none of our projects are running, I have a letter at the desk of HE the President of the Republic of Zambia with no response.

Show the people of Zambia you really care by giving us a chance to carry out the Public Private Partnerships.

Rev Rabson Tembo