Mutembo can be investigated by ACC-Changala

The current Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) management does not inspire confidence in citizens and is a big let down to the nation, says  civil rights activist Brebner Changala.

“It is a lie that the case involving the DPP is beyond them because after the investigations they are expected to report the matter to the President.

“After the investigations they are expected to submit to the President because it is only the President who can constitute a tribunal. By say what they said they are refusing to work,” he said.

He argued that there was no case that was beyond them and because of this manner of handling cases the commission had now become irrelevant to the nation because they only investigate cases that please their master.

Mr Changala said the workers at the Commission were drawing salaries for doing nothing a situation he described as unfair to the Zambian people.

The civil rights activist said that he was looking for other avenues to bring sanity in higher offices, adding that the Commission was a big let down because it refused to investigate cases that were clear.

On Monday the ACC spokesperson Timothy Moono disclosed that the commission could not investigate Mr. Nchito because his issues of corruption were not within their mandate.

Mr Changala said the ACC did not encourage citizens to report cases involving white collar crime now that it has admitted that some cases were beyond it.

“The ACC does not inspire confidence in citizens to report cases involving white colour crime as it had indicated that some cases were beyond it. It is a big let down,” said Mr Changala

Mr Changala also denied receiving any response from the ACC after he wrote to them demanding that it should investigate Director of Prosecution Mutembo Nchito.

“I must confirm that I did not receive any letter from the ACC and if they used a wrong address, they have my phone number, they should have called me. The ACC is lying that the issues to do with Mutembo Nchito were beyond them when all I asked them to do was to investigate the DPP.

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