Powerful cartel hijacks ACC

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is being used as an instrument of oppression and a conduit of State anarchy by a clique that has usurped power, says Civil Rights activist Brebner Changala.

Mr Changala said it was regrettable that the ACC, a State tool funded by tax payers was now being used to target and humiliate perceived enemies of a powerful cartel that was holding government hostage against the will of the people of Zambia.

He said it was rather unfortunate that ACC has agreed to be used in that manner, adding that it only took one to see the type of people that were being investigated since the PF became a tool of power.

“All is not lost. ACC can redeem itself by abandoning the cartel and clinging to the Constitution of Zambia that created it,” said Mr Changala.

He said that the ACC had only one option and that was for the Director-General Rosewin Wandi to resign and render an unreserved apology to the people of Zambia because the Commission had been caught in its own web of deceit.

“By the fore going  it is now clear that the summoning of former president Rupiah Banda was done in bad faith and underpinned with malice. If they  don’t do to Mutembo Nchito what they did to RB it will clearly show that ACC is cartel of State sponsored criminals.” he said.

On allegations against Mr Banda over the donated nine trucks by a Chinese firm Sogecoa Zambia, which government claims the former president received as personal gratification, Mr Changala said the statement shows that the investigations were done without afore thought and therefore highly malicious.

“When charging him did they do a thorough investigation on these motor vehicles? Did the Joint Government Investigative Team speak to the  donor of these vehicles, He asked.

Mr Changala further wondered whether the vehicles in question were given to Mr Banda in his personal capacity or MMD as a party or indeed if they were given to the government of Zambia.

“At what stage did the ACC conclude that the vehicles were given to Mr Banda as gratification? And if it was gratification what did Mr Banda do for the construction company? Where are these vehicles and in whose names are they registered and do we have a complainant?” asked Mr Changala

Mr Changala said he was convinced that the JGIT through the cartel have gone on a wild fishing expedition in order to nail Mr Banda.

“Why has the cartel abandoned all the charges laid on the floor of Parliament that resulted in the lifting of RB’s immunity? It  shows the cartel has turned Parliament into a casino in which they gamble with people’s lives and use it to settle old political scores by virtue of their numbers,” he said.

He asked whether it was in order for the National Assembly to go on creating anarchy and confusion in the nation.

On Monday Mr Banda was arrested again by GJIT in connection with the same light trucks valued at Kr471,000 he allegedly received as part of the MMD campaign materials.

Sogecoa director  Li Fu told a Press briefing in Lusaka on Tuesday that it was necessary for his company to pay any person in Zambia ‘truck gratification” as it was involved in legal business both in Zambia and China

“Yes it is true that Sogecoa donated  nine second-hand light trucks  to the Zambian government in 2011. The donation was asked by State House and Sogecoa handed the trucks over to State House directly, not to any individual,” said Mr Li