RB persecution

The unbridled zeal by the cartel to persecute RB should be an embarrassment to the Patriotic Front Government which seems to have embraced corruption and mendacity which the cartel stands for.

As fate would have it, the misadventure of the illegal Joint Investigation team- a shorthand for the much discredited Task Force on Corruption, has landed the country and indeed Government into a Diplomatic faux pas which can not be sneezed at. It must be dealt with seriously.

Indeed the  accusation  of corruption leveled against the Chinese Government is not a small matter which can be brushed off easily, no wonder the Chinese Company took the totally uncharacteristic step of issuing a press statement denying the allegation that they were corruptly awarded the contract to construct the Levy Mwanawasa stadium by RB who subsequently received nine trucks as gratification.

We now all know that this was a huge concoction by the joint investigation team because the contract to construct the Mwanawasa stadium was given in the time of President Mwanawasa. RB had nothing to do with it and therefore could not have received gratification for it.

Gratification means that an individual must  have had the authority to influence to grant a contract and used that influence to obtain favours, financial or otherwise- in this case the trucks.

Therefore the allegation by the cartel against RB  is not only malicious but a diplomatic blunder committed in the pursuit of an equally perverse and unlawful undertaking.

We are however aware that in order to cover the blunder the charge may be amended before it reaches the court, but this will equally be a disservice to RB and the people of Zambia in general.

When the Minister of Justice moved a motion in Parliament, he informed the housed that investigations had been completed and that the Government was ready top prosecute.

We expressed our doubts at the time because we know the people behind the persecution and the modus operandi they have applied in previous cases.

We knew that this was a fishing expedition whose primary aim and motivation was to humiliate and demean the former President whom they blame for their business failure.

It is obvious that Government institutions are being used to persecute personal enemies in the name of fighting graft and corruption. This is not new, it happened against Dr. Frederick Chiluba and it was bound to happen to Levy who had fallen out with the cartel by the time he passed on.

It is important that the Government takes seriously the abuse of the criminal justice system by people whose interest in totally divergent from the national agenda of development.

This entire persecution of RB must be looked at afresh before the Government loses any vestiges of respectability and therefore integrity.

The fault started from Parliament where the speaker misguided the house into discussing a motion which the High court found to be unreasonable, subjudice and therefore unreasonable.

That has now extended to the manner in which charges are being leveled in a haphazard and vexatious manner indicative of the malice behind them.

Let there be no mistake. The cartel presently humiliating RB will lose no sleep in the future humiliating Mr. Sata. These are people without a conscience, are heartless, totally lacking in either morals or ethics.They are beasts.

Time will prove us right.